Little Nicks Stationery of Surrey

Making your wedding unique!

21st February 2017

Everybody wants their wedding to be the one that stands out from the all the others!  Here at LittleNick Wedding Stationery we're always looking for new ideas and designs and love experimenting!

Your Invitations are usually the first glimpse that your guests will get of how your wedding will be but who's to say there won't be more surprises in store when they get to your reception and see it all themed with something meaningful to you!  

We have made loads of themed stationery in our time including:

  • James Bond
  • Monopoly
  • West End Shows
  • Afternoon Teas
  • Las Vegas
  • Lego

and many more!  If you've got ideas that you want help bringing to life then contact us and come and have a chat.  We'll be happy to help make your Special day the best it can be!

Happy Wedding Planning!